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January 23 2018

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January 20 2018

Die großen blinden Flecke in der Berichterstattung über rechte Gewalt

Rechte Gewalt auf Rekord-Niveau. Aber die Presse bildet das weder hinreichend ab, noch analysiert sie den Trend. Und was nicht publiziert wird, existiert in der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung nicht.
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Der Rückgang, vor allem der Bienen, versetzt Wissenschaftler weltweit in Sorge.

Bienen und andere bestäubende Insekten befruchten drei Viertel aller Nahrungspflanzen, die Hälfte der Bestäuber sind wilde Arten.

Ein Team von Wissenschaftlern in den USA hat nun in einer statistischen Auswertung herausgefunden, was Hummeln am meisten zu schaffen macht, und stiess auf eine bisher vernachlässigte Pestizidgruppe, die Fungizide, berichtet der «Guardian».


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Edvard Munch - Consolation. 

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german communication culture
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January 19 2018

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  (aus E. Most: 50 Jahre im Auftrag des Kapitals)
Hey, da ging es ja nur um die Zukunft, wen soll das schon interessieren...
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Als ich an der TU Dresden war, hat das dort wesentlich besser funktioniert.
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good talk, eh? :)

I agree on that science as an idea is perfect. But so is communism or spirituality – and then the human straddles in ^^
So in a sense science is always wrong because of  peoples flaws. Bias, money making, power, being ignorant …
Also it is always wrong in the sense that it's “only” possible to be right at the very moment, “better right” than in the past – but compared to the future always wrong or lacking important details. We will never see the whole picture, we will always overlook something.
There is no truth to state, only to seek.

Specially in medicine and farming I'm too skeptical about what is done to living creatures on many levels. Life taught me some lessons. There is so much science still does not understand but experiments (even fatal ones) are going on with beings involved that cannot handle what is done to them.

Science is only working as good as humans understand to use it. At the moment science is tangled with capitalism by too many threads, science prepared the way to destroy the earth. Yes we have computers but we also have toxic waste, yes we have incredible buildings but we also need to dig out the beaches for that, yes we can cure cancer but the scientists don't help to deal with how to live the last month of your live when there is no hope, instead they carry on to „cure“ you.

I think science is amazing and can do a lot but put it into the hands of unaware apes that we are and we are lost. We are in awe all the time how clever we are, look! look at science! look what I found out! We believe in science the same way people believe(d) in god, ignoring the suffering this belief brings to the world. We wanna believe science will rescue us from the hell it helped to build. I doubt it.

This is why science is broken for me.
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January 18 2018

Sahra und der Aufstand der Easy-Jetter

"Die undurchdachte Easy-Jet-Philosophie ist keine linke Utopie, sondern eine neoliberale Dystopie. Sie klingt als Slogan verführerisch, würde real aber in die soziale Katastrophe führen. Sie ist der Traum einer globalistischen Finanz- und Internetwirtschaft, die ideologie- und ortlos nirgendwo mehr Rechenschaft über ihre Gewinne ablegen möchte...
Sehr starker Text im ND.
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fun with linguistics! today: the southern us american accent(s) and their origin.
found here; if you know a proper source please lt me know.
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