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April 20 2018

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April 19 2018

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DSC - Runaway Step.

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Namika - Je ne parle pas français (Beatgees Remix) feat. Black M

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Chefket - Gel Keyfim Gel (Official Video) ft. Marsimoto

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Hornets rarely become aggressive. :)
Also these big fellas: „blaue Holzbienen“ – the violet carpenter bee are often mistaken as black hornets because they are so big.
I saw one yesterday in the garden. Such impressive creatures and an awesome noise they make <3
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when someone outs your fetish.
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75 Jahre
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cross section of a pine needle
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April 18 2018

asch-Schifa-Fabrik 2008, zehn Jahre nach dem Angriff Bertramz (v)

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Lining up for clean water in Lahore, Pakistan, 3/2018. K.M. Chaudary/Associated Press (v)

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April 17 2018

"False color left, true color right. Hydrogen is really dominant and drowns out everything (the red), that's why the natural color image is nearly all one color. The false color helps us see the other stuff within the visible spectrum rather seeing only one thing for the most part by using specific filters."
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